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Terms & Conditions

By using this service or requesting a telephone reading you are agreeing to all the following without exception.
This site and all readings are for entertainment purposes only.  You must be 18 year or over to use this service and will be asked to confirm your date of birth.  If there is any just reason to doubt the age of the client, bookings will not be authorised or take place.
That you are the account holder responsible for any payment methods used or have the account holder’s permission.
That you are the bill payer of the telephone service being used to access your reading or that you have the bill payer’s permission to use said phone services
No guarantees will be given to the truth, validity or likelihood of the information given during readings, as information given is not based on scientific fact but rather the personal feeling of the reader.
No information relating to Deaths, Births, Health, Financial or Legal matter will be discussed as your reader is not qualified to do so, and prospective clients are advised to seek professional advice regarding all these subjects.
No advice sought during any reading should be perceived as factual, but for entertainment purposes only.
You, the Client will always assume responsibility for making your own decision regarding all information discussed during your consultation and any actions by you thereafter regarding the same as information given may not be the only course of action.
It is understood by you, the client that any service provided is not a substitute for professional advice.
You agree to inform your Reader of any Psychological or other pertinent Medical information prior to a reading being booked.
Any fraudulent use of Credit / Debit cards or any other payment methods will ALWAYS be passed on to the pertinent Authorities.
Some search engines may use information regarding this site without our knowledge and no accountability can be held for its validity or actions taken because of same.
You, the client agree to the Indemnity of claims, demands losses, costs liability, and expenses, including legal fees for solicitors, in relation to claims or demands, raised by a third party concerning any content you submit or any services sought by you or any unauthorised third party though your service account.
All Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time, without notice.
All prices listed for services are subject to change at any time without notice.
You agree that no electronic postings will be made on any internet services whatsoever of a hateful or damaging nature to your Reader, their business or productivity thereof, which could impact on them medically or financially.